Smosi® DTube (withOUT pipe)
Smosi® DTube (withOUT pipe)
Smosi® DTube (withOUT pipe)

Smosi® DTube (withOUT pipe)

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Sold in packs of 100. For bulk discounts contact us.

So much more than a jar or baggie, the DTube is a premium and convenient
packaging solution for your whole bud. All the benefits of a jar with enhances to
make it functional and interchangeable. The attached sister tube can hold a
pipe, rolling papers or a ¼ pre-roll. A premium branding opportunity. Enjoy
consumer price expectation in light of our established consumer program of
selling online for over $8. Your customer will find it easily fits in a pocket or
purse. Easy to use anytime, anywhere.

The DTube

  • Holds up to 3.5 grams (an 1/8).
  • A snap shut lid that is water and odor restricting.
  • Built-in cleaners (on bottom) so you never lose a poker or need a
  • paperclip.
  • Constructed out of food grade quality plastic (new polypropylene resin).
Patents pending.