let's get Smosi

Let’s Get Smosi


We are Smosi, a good brand, good products, and some nice people looking to spread harmony and friendship. We make products that are personal to you, and fit into your lifestyle. 

Getting Smosi is not about smoking. It's about taking a few minutes for yourself. It's about sharing some time with a friend, and maybe that includes taking a puff or two. Relaxing in harmony, unwinding in friendship, and feeling good together.

Our Products

Elevate your smoking experience with innovative, every-day-carry smoking solutions from Smosi®.

Who is Kenny?

Kenny represents the Smosi mindset—
no distractions, no conflict, just personal peace, and friendly harmony.

When you see his face on our product, in your hand, in your pocket, we hope it gives you a happy, feel-good sensation.

Kenny is glad that you are friends, and so are we.

Welcome to the Smosi family.