smosi The best One-Hitter Dugout

The convenient way to smoke

The best one hitter dugout, and one hitter pipe

Smosi® presents an industry-changing revenue category for smoke shops, cannabis dispensaries, distributors and marijuana growers, offering high-quality, affordable convenience to end users. Innovative, discreet, easy-carry designs for evolutionary dugouts, one-hitter pipes, storage for pre-rolls, loose flower, and more.

The One Hitter Benefits


1:1 Consumption

A convenient, one-hit system lets you smoke fresh flower every time with no waste


Measured, accurate consumption in a discreet, reusable container
Flower Only

Flower Only

Enjoy pure flower with no taste or odor of burning paper

The One Hitter Dugout has Evolved!

Efficient, no-waste enjoyment.

Smosi dugouts are fun, convenient, sturdy, water-resistant and pocket-sized. Snap-shut compartments resist moisture and keep smells contained for discreet carry. Made of easy-to-clean food-grade molded plastic with built-in cleaning tools.