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The One-Hitter Dugout has Evolved!

Efficient, no-waste enjoyment.

Smosi dugouts are fun, convenient, sturdy, water-resistant and pocket-sized. Snap-shut compartments resist moisture and keep smells contained for discreet carry. Made of easy-to-clean food-grade molded plastic with built-in cleaning tools. 

Smosi EvolutionSmosi DragonSmosi OriginalSmosi MiniSmosi Mini Kit

The best one-hitter


Stainless Steel Pipe • Anti-Clog • Odor Proof • Built-in Pipe Cleaner • Sturdy • Water-Resistant

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One-Hit at a Time

Smosi® makes the only pipes with a patented sharp edge and anti-clog design to easily quantify one-shot enjoyment.

Smosi Pipe - CrownSmosi Pipe - White KnightSmosi Pipe - JesterSmosi Pipe - Silver Devil

The best one-hitter pipe


Stainless Steel • Anti-Clog Design • Sharp Edge • Delivers a perfect hit

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