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Smosi® Mbox3
Smosi® Mbox3

Smosi® Mbox3

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Joint / Blunt / Pre-Roll Holder

  • Each box with three separated compartments that allows you to carry up to 3 joints/blunts/pre-rolls.
  • Each compartment is separated so that a partial smoked (roach) does not dirty the other clean ones. The 2 outside sections are loaded from the top lid and the middle section is accessed from the bottom lid and the perfect place for unfinished roach. Keeps your rolls clean and fresh.
  • Large enough to hold King Size Cones, yet fits in pocket or purse. Perfect for on the go. Smoke and GoTM
  • Two snap shut lids that are water resistant and smell proof. Perfect for storage.
  • Sturdy enough to drive over without damaging your contents.
  • Made of high quality food grade plastic.
Patent Pending.