Smosi® Dragon
Smosi® Dragon
Smosi® Dragon
Smosi® Dragon

Smosi® Dragon

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Sold in packs of 100. For additional bulk pricing contact us.

Show off your flower with this premium, all-in-one packaging solution for your whole or pre-ground flower. The user will have your flower, a lighter and a clog-free one-hitter packaged together with your branding in their pocket or purse. There is no similar packaging solution available on the market. Enjoy consumer price expectation in light of our established consumer program selling the Dragon for $20. A premium branding opportunity. Designed to fits in a pocket or purse. Easy to use anytime, anywhere.

If filled with pre-ground, this packaging enhances the value of this often overlooked or marginalized form factor, your broken bud. Placing your broken bud in the Dragon
creates a desirable product with high profitability.

The Dragon Box

  • Holds up to 3.5 grams (an 1/8) of broken bud, whole bud or ground flower.
  • A snap shut lid that is water and odor restricting.
  • Built-in cleaners (on bottom) so you never lose a poker or need a paperclip.
  • Constructed out of food grade quality plastic (new polypropylene resin).
  • Holds standard Bic lighter.
  • Patents pending.  
  • Recyclable plastic.

The Pipe – Silver Devil

  • A one-hitter designed and developed by a 30 year smoker.
  • Uniquely fabricated to be clog-free (no pokers or paperclips needed).
  • Engineered edge to pack a perfect bowl without grinding the flower.
  • Constructed out of surgical stainless steel for a clean smoke.
  • Patent pending.
  • Recyclable surgical stainless steel.

*A lighter is not included.